Platoon Leaders

Call sign: Two-Niner


2nd Lt. Terrence S. Ware

October 1965 - May 1966

"Although a young 2nd Lt, Terry Ware was a hell of a soldier and admired and respected by all."

~By: Rolland Schmucker


Lt. Larry R. Stanford (Sandy)

May 1966 – September 1966


1967, Training officer, after WIA with Recon




2nd Lt. Riddle

September 1966 - December 1966

He claimed an injury, he didn't have a scratch on him.


1st Lt. Bobby L. Roberts

January 1967- April 1967


(Photo from Al Postma)

1st Lt. Roberts was the HHC Executive Officer before he was assigned as Two-Niner.

After Recon, he was the HHC Operations Officer and was promoted to Captain.


1st Lt Bobby Roberts


LtCol Roberts 1981


1st Lt. Douglas Logan

April 1967 - KIA 17 June 1967


Douglas Logan (right) viewing his men test firing their weapons on the perimeter of Lai Khe


1st Lt. Lewis Knox Eiland

June 1967 - October 1967


Lewis Knox Eiland

Photos from Pat Weeks




Lt. Eiland presented Bronze Star by

Lt. Colonel Benedict


Lt. Tomas H. LeMasters

August 1967 - October 1967


2nd Lt. John G. Aycock "Gordon"

October 1967 - March 1968


Lt. Aycock


Lt. Harr

March 1968 - ?

(former CO of A Company)


Lt. Meiers



Lt. John Landgraf

June 1968 - September 1968


Lt. Landgraf


2nd Lt. Gale Herschel Rogers

September 16, 1968


Lt. Mike Noris



Lt. Joiner



Platoon Sergeants

Call Sign: Two-Niner Bravo


PSgt. Albertano Gonzales

1965 - 1966

I remember one time we were in an open flat dry area with large 6 to 8 foot ant mounds about 100 yards away. We were taking fire from VC who used those mounds for protection. (The) Small arms fire we returned just bounced off those mounds. Gonzales pulled a jeep mounted with a 106 recoilless rifle with a 50 caliber spotting rifle attached up - and Bang, POOF, each mound exploded. Only small pieces of the VC were found.

~By Rolland Schmucker


PSgt. Robert Bennett Emro

October 1966 - KIA 18 April 1967


Robert Bennett Emro

Bob Emro was a veteran of the Korean War. The story I heard about his action then was that he had been awarded a DSC (Distinguished Service Cross) for holding his position with a BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) during a mass assault, resulting in a very large enemy body count. As far as I know everyone in the Platoon with Sgt. Bob would have followed him anywhere. He was a real leader. I went with him on two or three LRRP's (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols) even though that was not part of our normal duties. I don't think I would have done that with anyone else. It was pretty spooky to be way out in the boonies as part of a four-man team, not much room for error.

~By: Dave Hummel - Recon, HHC, 1/16th, BRO, Lai Khe, '66 - '67


Acting PSgt. Sanders

April 1967 - June 1967


Sgt. Sanders


Acting PSgt. Alvin Postma

Jun 1967 - ?


Sgt. Postma


Francis Phillips "Pops"


PSgt. Jesse Martin



Lt. Eiland & PSgt Martin checking gear, (Photo from Pat Weeks)


PSgt Jesse Martin (Photo from Pat Weeks)


PltSgt. James Hall


PltSgt. Jackson


PltSgt. John Dean

June 1968 to October 1968


PltSgt. John Dean



Squad Leaders


Sgt. Timothy Rothrock (Sgt. Rock)


Sgt. Clarence Rasnake (Snake)


Sgt Clarence Rasnake (Snake)


SSgt. Gradie Sanders (Shaky, Batman)


Sgt. Sanders


 SSgt. Stanley P. Howle