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Kokomo 2017



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2017 Group 1

2017 Group 3

2017 Group 2


Kokomo 2016


2016 Group1 

2016 Group2

2016 WivesGroup1


Kokomo 2015







Kokomo 2014






Kokomo 2013





Kokomo 2012



Front Row: Walton, Chrisman, Postma, Hawk, Cunningham, Foust

Middle Row: Brown, Gilbert, Goins, Buonanno, Hartline, Hummel, Scott

Back Row: Peck, Dunston, Roberts, Gene LaFleur, Neil Skiles, Turkey, Maggard


Kokomo 2011




Recon's Angels


Front Row: Linda Oshel, Toni Walton, Sue Hawk, Marcia Youngberg, Jeanette Dunston, Judy Hartline, Joyce Postma

Back Row: Judy Brake, Judy Dew, Phyllis Goins, Sandy Hummel, Pat Maggard, LeAnn Meier, Mary Bryan


Thornton-Roberts 2011



Kokomo 2010



Back Row: Layman Goins, Timothy Rothrock, David Oshel, Bobby Roberts, John "Tony" Dean, Mac MacKechnie
Middle Row:  Edwin Peck,  Jeff Walton,  Dave Hummel,  George Hawk,   Richard Brown,  Steve Howard,   Frank Saxon,  Larry McFarland
Front Row: Robert "Turkey" Youngberg,   James Kinsey,   Thomas "Gundy" Gunderman,   Doug Scott,  William Buonanno, Jim Cunningham, Jerry Maggard, Chuck Meier, James Blake


"To all who enter this field; This is not a fighting is a healing field ..."  Bodie





Photo: Steve Howard


  Recon, Kokomo 2010


Kokomo is an experience like none other

A time when we all become Sister and Brother

Come September every year

Thousands gather from far and near

Lots of hugs are shared by each

Lots of memories for those out of reach

The women go shopping and buy some food

The men bring drinks to help their mood

Each year we see many more

The excitement grows to see what is in store

It is at times for such as this

We schedule VA and DR appointments so we do not miss

We spend much of the time talking

We go out to the field walking

Reliving joy and pain

Take pictures by the Big Flag ever so vain

From those long ago days

We are proud to be Vietnam vets in today's craze

The choppers fly by

Causing a tear in the eye

The music is loud

And a hit with the crowd

We make big plans for next time

We will see "ED" the moneyman, if we need another dime

Come Sunday we head our separate way

Go back to ordinary lives----to wait for another Day.

~By: Pat Maggard on the way home to Georgia.

September 2010

33Bier 2010ReconFlag ReconHat

Kokomo 2009


Photo: Edwin Peck


Front Row: Jeff Walton, Bobby Roberts, Jim Cunningham, Rod Thornton, Robert Youngberg

Middle Row: Edwin Peck, David Dunston, George Hawk, Jerry Maggard, Dave Yates

Back Row: Tom Gunderman, Chuck Meier, Al Postma, Rich Brown, Frank Saxton, David Hummel


   Photo: Edwin Peck


Kokomo 2009: Cunningham, Lt. Roberts, Maggard, Postma, Mr. Cunningham

Rod Thornton's 2009 Kokomo reunion pictures   

Kokomo 2008


Photo: Rodrick Thornton


Front Row: Jerry Maggard, Lt Bobby Roberts, Rodrick Thornton, Bill Haines & Jeff Walton.

Middle Row: Chuck Meier, Larry Gallapoo, Frank Saxon, Al Postma & Dave Hummel

Back Row: Dave Yates, Tom Gunderman & Turkey Bob Youngberg.

Not in picture: Rich Brown & Edwin Peck

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